Super-Soft Velour Fabric

Product Details:

Model NO:ZD-PS00

Material:  100% Polyester


Width:1.48M   Weight:220GSM 

Payment Terms:TT L/C 

Delivery Lead Time : 5-20days

Item Name:Super-Soft Velour FabricOther Name:Velvet
Package:Rolls PackingUses :Sofa Cover, Soft Bag,Pillow, Bed, Car Covert


Short Plush fabrics are derived from fibers such as cotton and polyester, and are woven in two different ways. 

Some plush fabrics have fuzz on the surface, which means the raised grain is short and fuzzy. 

Other plush fabrics are formed by weaving fibers through a backing and then trimming the fibers.Use plush fabrics to create many different types of clothing and accessories. 

For example, use fleece to sew jackets, pants, liners, baby clothes, and more. In addition, plush fabrics can be used to make decorations such as blankets, pillows, and curtains.