Color Flocked Fabric

Product Details:

Model NO:ZD-SY74

Material:  Polyester


Width:1.45M   Weight:300GSM 

Payment Terms:TT L/C 

Delivery Lead Time : 5-20days

Item Name:Flocked Fabric Other Name:Velvet
Package:Rolls PackingUses :Sofa Cover, Soft Bag,Pillow, Bed, Car Covert


Flocking in fabrics is a method of creating another surface, imitating a piled one. In flocking, fibers or a layer are deposited over a base layer with the help of adhesive.

Flocking in fabrics is possible all over the surface or in a localized area as well. Flocking as a decorative art dates back to the 14th century when short silk fibers were deposited on freshly painted walls.. 

A flocked fabric is one on which flocking has been applied with an adhesive, either all over or in a pattern. A common flocked print is dotted swiss. Any fabric weight can be used. Flocking 

fabrics are favored by consumers because of their rich suede, soft hand feel, bright color and unique style.